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Data Recovery for Android

Data Recovery for Android software is specially designed and developed for smart phones, tablet PC etc. Most of the android users face the situations in which they have lost their entire data from various android devices. In order to get back your lost data without any data damage, use android data recovery software. Android data recovery software allows you to recover deleted data from different android devices.

Provides different search recovery mechanisms to recover lost android data:

Android file recovery software provides different search recovery algorithms (deep search, basic search, signature search, photo search and video search) that deeply scan your android devices to recover lost data.

Software Benefits:

Recover deleted digital photos, pictures, snaps, mp3/mp4 files, folders other precious data from various android devices.
Supports major manufacturers of android devices such as HTC, Motorola, Sony, Samsung, LG etc.
100% safe and affordable android data recovery software.
Provides read only operation to recover lost android data.
Recovers all android data without modify them.

Single/Home User License
Advance User License (Order Using Avangate)
Academic / University / College / School User License $145
Data Recovery/Repair and Maintenance Company User License $199
Corporate or Government Segment User License $169