Data Wiping Software

Data Wiping Software

Whenever you delete or erase data from your Desktop PC/Laptop it is not permanently deleted and occupies some hard disk space, which may effect on your computer performance. For permanently removing deleted data, we are providing you data wiping software.

Data Wiping Software is safe and secure wiping utility for completely wiping deleted (useless) files and folders from hard disk drives and removable storage media. Data Doctor’s secure data wiper is the permanently erasing solution to remove internet offline/online activities (such as history folders, cookies, visited websites, chat conversations, cache internet files, eliminate passwords etc) for your computer privacy.

Data Wiping utility completely wipes existing or non-existing data in two modes i.e. Destructive mode and Non-Destructive mode. Destructive wiping wipes the entire disk drive or the selected disk area for the wiping data (saved or unsaved files) in the disk sector range. Non-destructive mode wipes the deleted files and folders from disk storage area.


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Data Wiping Software
Data Wiping Software ▶

Software Benefits:

  • Wiping software completely wipes all erased or deleted data from your computer’s hard disk drive and USB removable storage media.
  • Software permanently removes internet online and offline activities to maintain the computer privacy.
  • Software wipes unused space of hard disk to increase system performance.
  • Software provides facility to switch from non-destructive wiping mode to destructive wiping mode.
  • Software permanently delete traces of deleted password protected window files, page files, index file and supports all temporary files as log files, memory dump files, directories etc.