MSSQL to MySQL Database Converter

MSSQL to MySQL Database Converter

Data Doctor’s MSSQL to MySQL Database Converter is a program that merge selected or entire MSSQL database into existing MySQL database . Database converter utility is capable to convert views, stored procedures and indexes with all necessary attributes. Software also converts MS SQL database by selecting schema items manually.

Database converter software performs database conversion in both the cases when user wants to export MS SQL data into new database or overwrite the contents of existing MySQL database files.

Software supports all types of Microsoft SQL data types and attributes with all major version of MSSQL database converter.


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MSSQL to MySQL Database Converter
MSSQL to MySQL Database Converter ▶

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Software Benefits:

  • Database converter software converts entire or selected MSSQL database in to MySQL.
  • Converter utility is helpful to merge existing MSSQL database record to MySQL database record.
  • Software converts MSSQL Views, Indexes into MySQL format.
  • Supports default value including null value, unique key and primary key constraints.
  • Works with all versions of MSSQL and MySQL server.
  • The GUI utility converts indexes and primary keys with all necessary attributes of MSSQL to MySQL database.