USB Data Theft Protection Tool Screenshots

USB Data Protection Tool
Click on Settings button and set E-mail settings with sender and recipient email address to send USB device plug-in and plug-out activities log file.
Data Theft Protection Software
Using FTP settings set Ftp server name, directory path, user name and password to upload log file.
USB Data Protection Tool
Enable Camera settings to take picture during system activities with USB device.
USB Data Protection
You can easily Export and Import current settings to use on another system during installation of USB data theft protection software.
USB Data Theft Protection Software
Here we have shown, export current settings with General Configuration settings, E-mail settings and FTP settings for demonstration purpose only.
USB Data Theft Protection Tool
Similarly, you can import current settings from file with Email settings, FTP settings or General settings accordingly.
USB Data Protection Utility
Click on View Log option to see generated log file of desired date with HTML or TEXT file format.
Data Theft Protector
Above screen shows the sample of detailed HTML log file.